Housing is one of the basic needs that needs to be met by Indonesia citizen. Currently, the need is even more urged given the increasing house prices and limited residential land. In order to help low-income communities (MBR) to own houses, BP Tapera by the Tapera Financing program is committed to provide sustainable low-cost long-term funds to finance housing for low-income communities.

Before applying Tapera Financing program, the employer needs to update participant’s data via membership portal which may be accessed https://sitara.tapera.go.idThe data update including income, allowance and employment information. On the same portal, Tapera participants are also required to complete personal data. In addition to that, Tapera participants must ensure to meet the requirements of eligible participants receiving the benefits of Tapera Financing program.

Those requirements include minimum membership period of 12 months (except for ex-Taperum PNS participants), maximum net income of IDR 8 million of each individual, never owned a house, and express the interest in applying Tapera financing program. Especially for Tapera participants who are married couples, each has the same rights but cannot apply Tapera Financing program at the same time.

In addition to that, married couples cannot choose the same type of financing, for example when the husband has applied for a Home Ownership Loan (KPR) or Home Construction Loan (KBR) financing scheme, then the wife can only apply for a Home Renovation Loan (KRR). (detailed financing scheme will be explained further in sub-chapter of “Housing Financing Scheme for Tapera’s Participants”).

Once the data completed and confirmed that meets the requirements, Tapera’s participants can choose desired house according to the location (in case of KPR financing scheme). When they have found a suitable potential residence, the participant only needs to apply for KPR to the Channelling Bank collaborated with BP Tapera.

BP Tapera provides 3 housing financing schemes for participants, they are Home Ownership Loan (KPR), Home Development Loan (KBR), and Home Renovation Loan (KRR). KPR is a financing product for those participants who wish to buy ready-made houses, in which they can choose by accessing https://bit.ly/DaftarRumahBTNThe loan limit is provided based on income and zoning group, with maximum tenor of 30 years. (detailed income group and zoning will be explained further in sub-chapter “Loan Limits and Interest Rates”). For the record, in regards with KPR program, the participants may apply for 0% down payment and free to choose the location of the house.

KBR is a financing product provided to those participants who wish to build their first houses on their own / partners’ land. The loan limit is provided based on the Budget Plan (RAB) and income group, with maximum tenor of 15 years. Meanwhile, KRR is intended for those participants who wish to renovate their own/couple's first house. The loan limit is in accordance with RAB and income group, with maximum tenor of 5 years.

Aside of long tenor, BP Tapera also provides financing facilities with adequate limit and low interest rates by conventional and sharia financing schemes. The limit provided for KPR is in accordance with RPC (Repayment Capacity) determined by Executing Bank (according to the Zone in Minister of PUPR’s Decree) with the lowest interest rate of 5%
(fixed). In a more detail, the loan limits are classified by income group and zoning.

Once we understand the steps, terms, schemes, and Tapera financing loan limit, we will start to discuss what documents to be completed by the participants. The document completion is subject to be justified based on the scheme chosen by the participant.

 a. Documents Application of Tapera KPR

  1. Fill out Tapera KPR application form.
  2. Statement letter for having no house.
  3. House Order Form by developer.
  4. Documents required by Channelling Bank/ Financing Company.
    • Copy of e-KTP & NPWP
    • Copy of Marriage/Divorce Certificate
    • Last 3 Months' Salary Slip
    • Account statement
    • Annual SPT
    • Certificate of Employment

B. Documents Application of Tapera KBR

  1. Statement letter for having no house.
  2. Copy of legal certificate.
  3. Copy of Building Permit (IMB).
  4. Photos of initial land condition.
  5. RAB and work plans of house construction.

C. Documents Application of Tapera KRR

  1. Copy of legal certificate.
  2. Copy of Building Permit (IMB).
  3. Photos of initial land condition.
  4. RAB and work plans of house construction

Once all documents completed, the participant needs to make sure the BI checking or slick checking is clean then wait for checking process by Channelling Bank until the application is approved. update the participant data, choose your dream house, apply your financing interest, and your house key is in your hand!

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